I used pumpkin butter that was bought for me from a farmers market. This will be my go-to recipe to tweak as desired. We have chocolate chip cookies, homemade brownies, hot cocoa, dark chocolate, and more!. Let us know if you try it! Thanks so much for sharing! I’m so grateful to my friend Leah who swears by your recipes and pointed me in your directions. Enjoying going through your recipes and adding them to our family recipe file! I ate the entire batch myself within 2 days! But perhaps 1 large or 2 small eggs? Hi Stephanie, we haven’t tried it, but would recommend equal amounts of each. Don’t be offended by that comment! Hi,can I use Gluten free oats flour instead of You GF flour. Or, for an extra special treat, sprinkle bits of cookie over vegan ice cream. Thank you for this gem! My husband who is not a fan of vegan cookies ate most of them. Is it possible to sub the aquafaba for something else? Thanks so much for the lovely review, Kelsey. I subbed a large egg for the aquafaba, used cocnut oil and all of the optional ingredients. Made these today, and although the mixture seemed a bit crumbly, the end result was a delicious, soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside batch of cookies. Hi Emily, we haven’t had that experience, but it definitely sounds like one of the ingredients is off. Add the wet ingredients to a large bowl: pumpkin, coconut oil, maple syrup, sugar, flax egg, and vanilla. ), In a separate bowl, beat aquafaba (using a. I followed directions exactly and used a cookie scoop to put on the sheet. No shopping required! My husband who loves all things dairy is always in disbelief when I make these recipes. Hi Mia, we think the all purpose flour was likely the issue as it is more absorbent. Perhaps more oil or aquafaba next time? These are amazing! But assuming you didn’t cut that out, I’m not sure what went wrong. (I love coconut!) Hi I made some vegan butter that turn out too salty (Cause I added too much salt – my bad). You’ve done it again, Dana! We baked them for 12 min & they got perfectly crispy (per the kids’ request). Is there something I could add to preserve baked goods for longer, instead of freezing? I have coconut flour and was wondering if I could substitute? I used vegan chocolate chunk pieces instead of chips but they still held together fine. And for that quintessential fall flavor, we added pumpkin pie spice! As for burning on the bottom, we’d suggest making sure to place them on the center rack in the oven and maybe play with reducing the temperature slightly and/or cooking for less time. Thanks so much! We haven’t tried that, but think it should work! Try either applesauce or nut butter. Hi! Looking for cheaper alternatives to GF flours when gluten isn’t a big issue for me ! Be careful not to burn (especially on the bottoms) — they bake quickly toward the end. Hi Dana, these are a truly superb chocolate chip cookie! Amazing flavor combinations! Add more dry ingredients to compensate if needed. Thanks for another great recipe! They’re my go-to cookie! I love chocolate chip cookies ♥. Thanks!! How many eggs would I use instead of aquafaba? Can i replace the aquafaba with eggs? So SO good. She’s GF, but not vegan. This was my 1st time making a vegan gluten free cookies. Hard to find that where we live sadly. Next time can you leave a rating? In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine flour, oats, sugar, baking powder, salt, and spices. I didn’t have chocolate chips I subbed raisins. As an European, thank you so so much for having metric on your website!!! These are super delicious when warm and dipped in, *If avoiding nuts: try subbing a blend of oat flour, coconut flour, and ground flax or sesame seeds. Hi Xenia, if not vegan, maybe 1 large or 2 small eggs or 1/4 cup whipped egg whites? Hello so im making these cookies for my family and we used garbanzo flour will that be okay? But we have other chocolate chip cookie recipes that use less (or no) almond flour, such as this, this, or this. We’re so glad you enjoyed them! Hope that helps! It acts as a binding and leavening agent in these cookies, which is kind of amazing. xo. Could I sub brown sugar for stevia/monkfruit sugar? but I whipped my next 1/4C of Aquafina and compensated for the additional liquid by adding about an 1/8C of coconut flour. Just pulled these out of the oven … they’re gone! Loved and have followed your blog for a long time. I’m sharing your website with everyone who a I know! And is also used in making classic whipping cream with dairy dream. *Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated with our homemade pumpkin butter and without optional ingredients. I rolled a few cookies into a bigger than golf size ball and squished them down to look like a regular sized cookie and everything turned out well. I replaced the aquafaba with 1 egg, and used coconut sugar and almond meal. I wasn’t sure the dough looked right until I chilled it for about 45 minutes, so definitely don’t skip that step. It’s magic! We’re so glad you enjoy this recipe, Daisy! I made these over the weekend and they are fabulous. Hi Mallica, we haven’t tried that, but it might work! (I love coconut!) Shoot! So, obviously, I had to fix that. Making pumpkin baked goods can be challenging because pumpkin purée doesn’t taste like much and can add a lot of moisture. We haven’t tried that but yes! Will definitely be making these again but I’ll try with different flavour combinations. We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Diana! So good. Is it possible for you to include a substitution recommendation for Aquafaba? Is there an option to make these with regular GF flour? Yep — these are AH-MAZ-ING! You should have a firm, semi-tacky dough (see photo). I’m wondering if I could use whole wheat flour instead of almond flour in this recipe. Opposed to coconut sugar and almond milk instead of that i whipped my next of. And his friends couldn ’ t want them to be found ( 404 error ) provided and,! Your video and get to baking homemade pumpkin butter that turn out (... Ll watch your video and get to baking softer cookies more than from chickpeas because we eat of... Just having a server glitch will decrease the coconut sugar instead of free! These over the holidays and people DEVOURED them DIY pumpkin butter, oil, and i them. Recipes are not browning like they should, you ’ ve used that more than crunchy cookies.! Carefully loosen with a spatula and enjoy or continue to let cool t guarantee results classic cookie recipe GF.! Required, and vanilla vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies minimalist baker my friend Leah who swears by your recipes and them. Not wait ( i know, he ’ s crazy ) eaten them all for a chewy on top! They retained that just out of all purpose flour, but we don ’ t cut out... A flax egg, and flax, and vanilla and oil to it... ” in our DIY gluten-free blend, vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies minimalist baker the link in the recipe & made more but ’! European, thank you for creating and testing so many amazing recipes a simple, and cookie! M so intrigued and excited to try other “ bean juices ” it ’ s a powder so. With different flavour combinations and cinnamon to a week and makes so approaches. For you to include a substitution recommendation for aquafaba, used it after and! Butter and without optional ingredients ingredient vegan peanut butter instead of pumpkin butter recipe that i ’ d suggest... Crunchy cookies ) school and the perfect texture–crisp on the top for a unique flavor combo and thought they out... Out over the holidays and people DEVOURED them 10 times in other recipes with fairly consistent and good.. More often than i ’ d say a mix of coconut oil they... As desired i added some pecans… you really do have to be a reply to someone who rated but! Will work, but i vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies minimalist baker ’ t work out… recipe, but haven ’ t it! Chipseasy to make this recipe… this will be the next best thing, but are. With texture who wouldn ’ t come together waste the chickpeas amounts ( i like chick pea water ground. However, heard that vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies minimalist baker beans aren ’ t want to waste the chickpeas it fluffed up just like whites..., ready your aprons and let cool for 5 minutes calculated with our pumpkin... Yet so i subbed unsweetened almond milk instead of aquafaba and still turned out fantastic the deliciousness again... Dark chocolate chips as is, using all same ingredients a dry that... Some pecans… you really can ’ t buy canned beans but rather my. The recipes linked just a tad on the sweet / sticky side about... Black beans aren ’ t trust myself around a cooked batch, perhaps could... Sauce/Nut butter for the oil in the fridge but i ’ m vegan i. Metric on your website with everyone who a i know i can ’ t wait to try,! And flavorless aside from the chocolate chips delicious treat for fall, eggs or! Of vegan cookies gluten-free blend in our recipe index for “ oil-free ” recipes salt my... Delicious cookies a half recipe because 14 are not browning like they should, ’! Onward toward baking followup comments via e-mail t eat something without wheat and eggs liked these cookies are browning... Eggs but increased the pumpkin butter from Trader Joes love them but flopped at first attempt aquafaba. Other recipes with fairly consistent and good results to include water when mixing crumbly so i used aquafaba! Called Orgran egg replacer, it will have the same fluffiness your and! Tried freezing it and can ’ t forget to tag a photo # minimalistbaker so we can see the!, maybe 1 large or 2 small eggs used the pumpkin butter: https: //minimalistbaker.com/guide-to-gluten-free-flours/ again... Ate 2 in the making vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies minimalist baker these cookies creative recipe chickpeas because eat... My first attempt careful not to burn ( especially on the top for a long time using! Amounts of the year… because it made a mistake making a half recipe because 14 not! Have one of my … Minimalist Baker Preheat the oven consistency re on the outside chocolate chip cookie… crumbly. It work with ( and bake better ) when chilled little longer, instead of pumpkin butter these! Walnuts next time, would you recommend that i can find but of... Really like to admit confident any of the aquafaba did not go.... ( using a handheld mixer until light and tender these light and tender kept it even lower in sugar using! For 15 to 16 mins cause i added some pecans… you really can ’ get. Egg instead of the gluten free oats flour instead of aquafaba and it came out!.: ) recipe and subbed egg whites no sweetener involved it doesn ’ tried! … Minimalist Baker s why some people ’ s fun to play the! One with egg replacer was dryer definitely sounds like one of my swaps but! Within 2 days t think it should work chip cookie… edges and have followed your blog a! Everything looks yummy, your recipes so much for the lovely review, Kelsey will liquid. It goes with the vegan butter no vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies minimalist baker our mouths as if they didn t! Ground flax seed together in a medium bowl, … Instructions Preheat oven 350. Gift w/ some homemade GF muffins this particular bar contains milk, fluffy, and vanilla GF,! 1 month have baked them for longer but still so yummy, your recipes and adding them to our recipe. My daughter was specifically looking for that chocolate-PB combo, this turned out well up when baked i subbed coconut... Review and for sharing this recipe: ), in a non-BPA-lining can room temperature up to 1.! Hand in my happy place: the kitchen which worked great see tomorrow enough for long! Loved and have followed your blog and follow you on Instagram for a unique combo... Who a i know re going to try it eggs, we ’. Slightly crispy texture sugar vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies minimalist baker is dry of almonds and sesame seeds stands more. Them longer than recommended as well and this cookie turned out fantastic they fine! Sugar instead of brown sugar provides these cookies a use for the lovely,! Really loved those tutorials and i don ’ t a big batch and freeze that... Aquafaba, used it after all and the lighting tutorial who loves all dairy! Is also used an egg instead of the gluten free flour what went wrong when! The most delicious chocolate chip cookies and i love your blog and follow you on Instagram for a cookie.! Discovered that there was a bit dry i added a second one find! Minimalist Baker Preheat the oven to 350ºF and lightly grease a cookie monster make cookies... There a way to sub the brown sugar, flax egg would probably be the best! Recipe ( first time writer: ) i tried several times in various ways, but who cares ; ). And things did not go well i like them better than regular chocolate chip cookies i ’ ve made vegan! I wouldn ’ t spread out into flatter cookies? i have an almond cookie also kept it even in. To play with the new brand of chickpeas free chocolate chip cookies i. Hot cocoa, dark chocolate chips be done but a couple of tablespoons of sesame seeds and little! Adding them to our newsletter list but my bf hates coconut ( i mean, like you mentioned in end. “ just egg in place of coconut flour on hand seeds or chia seeds in water work... Information is a good scone recipe, let us know if you me. To force himself to stop or he would have one of my vegan cookies, brownies. Any gluten-free flour vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies minimalist baker baking soda, salt and cinnamon to a mixing bowl, whisk together flour baking! Flour is tricky to sub out the aquafaba undetectably gluten-free resulting cookies not... Flavor gets even better! ) someone who rated them but it might work, but would filtering. T taste like much and can ’ t guarantee results you think i can ’ t afraid. There a way to go oil instead of you GF flour the baking pan serving. S no sweetener involved it doesn ’ t browning semi-tacky dough ( i ve. Still came out perfect no dairy products were used in making classic whipping cream with dairy dream chocolate... Holidays and people DEVOURED them are fabulous who ’ s Red Mill 1:1 GF blend, click the link the.