actually preached to the Brahmins.). var time=new Date(); If then the another near. knowledge; and at length Zeus bound him, and mutilated the signs of his manhood, unrighteous, since they transgressed the law in killing one another, and New York, NY: The Paulist Press. it is many in its parts is not in dread, one member of another, but, since it is Greeks are unrighteous in not being made according to the will of their gods. gods, and they have invented and declared it concerning them. born a certain race which also was mortal. His work, too, has been preserved. rather according to the will of him who rules it. If then the nature of the gods is one, 495 The Apology of Aristides the Philosopher. Jesus, then, was born of the race of the Hebrews; and he had twelve disciples in should be a god, but they are a work of God and a part of the world. they say that he is jealous and inconstant, and at times he holds the bow and take thought for the human race? mutilated; and if it be otherwise, he is indeed miserable. I wondered most at one of the many falsehoods when they grow old, and are worn away through lapse of time, and when they are them, guarding them the while with much care, lest their gods be stolen by For great indeed, and For from ancient times they worshipped Isis, bread, and a great fast; and fasting and circumcision and the purification of August. And he, who has, gives to him who has not, without boasting. For if their gods were The Barbarians, indeed, And they say that some of the females . THE APOLOGY OF ARISTIDES Here follows the defence which Aristides the philosopher made before Hadrian the King on behalf of reverence for God. I-THE "APOLOGY" OF ARISTIDES. This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world’s books discoverable online. as to grasp it fully,--this is a vain effort for me; for it is not possible that months[8]="Aug."; understood that he who moves them is God, who is hidden in them, and veiled by after dead idols and lifeless images. began to devour his sons. was being killed was unable to help himself, how is it possible that he should And they say of him, . nature of all their gods is one. And if they hear that one of their number is imprisoned or And of and suffer and endure such things. and destroyed. Note that Further their writers and their philosophers represent and declare that the molten and crushed to powder, how, I wonder, did they not perceive concerning + date + " " + lmonth + " " + year); Pachomius Library. var months=new Array(13); God; and they escort his body as if he were setting out from one place to Greek gods would have made little impact on an Indian audience, one may assume Herakles next they bring forward and say that he is a god, who hates it. if (year < 2000) God is not in need, and none of these things is necessary to Him; and it is And I am led to wonder, O King, at The original text of the Apology is lost. world:--Barbarians and Greeks, Jews and Christians. altogether wisdom and understanding; and in Him stands fast all that exists. from Kadmos and from Dionysos. apprehending what the true God is. Christians. destined to come upon the whole human race. As men who know God, they ask from Him petitions which EDITOR'S NOTE: The Apology of Aristides, mentioned by Eusebius, St. Jerome, Those then who believe concerning the earth that it is a god have hitherto XIV. But it is impossible that found among them; and they love one another, and from widows they do not turn the sheep and others the calf; and some the pig and others the shad fish; and Since, then, we have addressed you concerning God, so far as our truth and genuine knowledge than the rest of the nations. as for their words and their precepts, O King, and their glorying in their without being able to help himself. in many ways:--in the preparation of meats, and as a means of casting metals, Peter Kirby and fornication, and to steal and to practise all that is offensive and hated Christians is more blessed than all the men who are upon the face of the earth. And in that case the whole world is gone astray. he may procure the necessaries of his livelihood. quiver, and again the lyre and plectron. found the truth; and as we learned from their writings, they have come nearer to And I perceived quenched and extinguished in many ways. expectation of the world which is to come. But it is a marvel, O King, with regard to the Greeks, who surpass all unable to help herself how will she find means to help others? the elements of the world, since beyond these their mental vision will not pass. The work contained a systematic statement of our doctrine, that is, an Apology for the Christians, which is still extant and is regarded by philologians as a monument to his genius. Wherefore let If it be, then, that their gods are too feeble to